Fix for iphone Camera Bug

Sometimes your iPhone just decides to stop storing photos in your current roll. You take a photo, then you go to look at it and all you see is a blank square. Then you click on it and it just goes to home or something. A lot of people seem to get this problem. You can read all sorts of fixes for this. Some work, some don't. By the way if you go to that link be sure to read them all before you try any.

Here's what I did and it worked for me.

  1. Sync your iPhone, then remove it from the dock.

  2. On a Mac go into: users/yourusername/library/application support/mobile sync/backup/ and fInd this file: "f1b43d3b3ecf259a3626c13a8b0cebd8ba513117.mdbackup" It's usually the newest file after a sync. And trash it. On a windows machine, I guess the directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup" but I'm no WIndows expert so you're on your own with that.

  3. Reset your iPhone: Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings. It will warn you a bunch of times about resetting, but you still have a backup from when you synced with iTunes in step 1 so don't sweat it.

  4. Now put your iPhone in the dock, and click the restore button on the iPhone iTunes Summary screen you see when you sync. If you keep a lot of junk on your iPhone (like I do) then it may take 15 minutes or so.

  5. Remove your iPhone, take a photo and send it to me: iphone@luckow.com to prove to yourself it now works!
iPhone Photo Bug

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