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Luckow Designs Metal Card for Steve Wozniak
October 10th, 2006 -
Alan Luckow has done most of Woz' personal design work since the late 1990's. When he expressed an interest in having a business card done that was kind of special, I came up with the idea of a metal card. I had proposed this idea before to other clients, but they had always chickened out at the last minute. Woz didn't.
The Interview that Started the Whole Thing
Woz goes on the Colbert Report, shows his metal business card, and explained how he uses it to cut steak on airplanes.
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Close Up of the Metal Card
I designed a translucent card and two metal cards for Woz. This metal one is the one he showed to Colbert. He wanted something unusual. I mentioned metal to him and he loved the idea. So I designed this card with an additional feature that allows him to shoot a laser through the tiny logo at the top and project an image.
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The Frenzy Begins
I was inundated with calls for metal business cards all of a sudden. My business is corporate identity and not necessarily fabrication. For enthusiasts who just want a metal card, I simply forwarded them on to the vendor. Some of the inquiries were actually firms requesting corporate ID and the metal card made sense for them (one was an importer of steel). Those companies have become clients. When I sent some e-mails to metal card manufacturers, they were slow to respond due to, "an unusual amount of inquiries all of a sudden". Pretty funny how things work huh?

Then people really started talking...

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) reports on the business card
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Somebody gets a card and puts it up for auction on eBay. After a few days, the card goes for $560.00

Woz hears of the eBay auction
He thinks it's pretty funny, and offers to sign the card for the winning bidder. [ View ]

Other Coverage

There are dozens more blogs and RSS feeds but they all say pretty much the same thing.

Of Interest
If you go to Google's image search and type in "cool business card" this card will usually be in the first ten or so images that pop up.


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